• Clayton Drain Cleaning

  • Clayton Drain Cleaning

    This is one of the many solutions offered by our professional Plumbing services. There are many things that can be achieved by using DIY methods and tools but plumbing problems are a different story all together. It is better to hand over plumbing issues to a professional in Clayton than doing it yourself. You probably will save a few dollars doing it yourself but this usually leads to a bigger unidentifiable problem and you may end up shelling out thousands of dollars. If the problem is simple then yes, you may do it yourself.

    A clogged or slow moving drain should never be underestimated. It can be a symptom of a bigger problem. All kinds of materials can obstruct the continual flow of water down the drains, with things like hair, grease, oil, food debris, certain kitchen liquids, toilet paper, soap, toothpaste, or if you have children, even toys.

    There are apparent signs of a drain problem in addition to a slow drain. A foul odor will soon emanate from the clogged drains because pollutants have built up in the drain pipes causing these odors. Another problem with drainage issues is water sewage backing up onto the floor. If a home has multiple draining problems, such as the kitchen, bathroom, toilet, tub, or sink, then this is a sign that homeowners may have a problem in their main drain system. Naturally, this is not a DIY drain cleaning project, a professional drain cleaner or plumber should be contacted immediately. Good thing for you we’re always there when you need us!

    The most expensive problem of a clogged drainage system is Mother Nature. Tree roots can easily seek the nutrients they need – water, oxygen, and nutrients, in the home of a homeowner’s water pipe system. A home’s drainage system has continually flowing water which tree roots like, so that they can continue to grow there. However, the roots leak through the pipe-line and waste lines, causing big problems.


    Help with drain Cleaning

    For certain drain cleaning relief or trenchless sewer repair, you can call us or you can use DIY methods IF you know what you’re doing. Many times people get in over their heads and end up making it worse. Be very careful! Drain cleaning experts have the advanced tools, technology, experience, and expertise to make sure that your drain cleaning projects are properly done in a safe and clean manner. Many of the tools and methods used by plumbers today include:

    • High-velocity water jetting
    • Motorized high powered rooters
    • Augers
    • Proper cutting tools
    • Customized snake devices and more.

    There are many different commercial drain cleaning products that can be used infrequently because there is always the chance of corrosion in the pipes. However, plumbing manufacturers and producers are making eco-friendly drain cleaning products that are not harmful to septic systems. Also, there are different non-toxic and non-corrosive methods for clearing drains and pipes.

    But before you venture into cleaning the clog yourself you need to understand that the liquids or powders used are harmful to some extent to skin and eyes. It is potentially hazardous to children and pets. More often than not, it needs to be used repeatedly which may damage your pipes and weaken them. Getting the drain cleaned by a skilled and professional plumber will not only help save time but also will ensure that the job is done knowing exactly what to do and prevent any further damage to pipes and avert any future problems. Even a drain auger in the hands of a professional will be a useful tool while the self- handler will only accentuate the problem.

    If your drainage problem doesn’t involve serious issues, instead it may be a simple clog, then there are different DIY de-clogging methods that have become popular in homes around the world. The following mixtures are designed to break down fats and drain pollutants into salt and harmless gas:

    → Baking soda

    It seems that everyone knows that baking soda is the number one drain unclogger. By using one cup of baking soda and one cup of cider vinegar, together with their foaming action, followed by hot water, should do the trick of unclogging a drain, as well as being a routine maintenance trick.

    → Baking soda with lemon juice

    Baking soda along with one cup of lemon juice may work just like vinegar. Plus, using lemon juice keeps your drains smelling better. Run hot water after using this method and with lemon juice, your drain will also foam up.

    → Salt, borax, and vinegar

    This formula is followed with hot water and may require a repeat application, but it is supposed to work well.

    In every homemade drain cleaning method, hot water is used. Some people also believe that plain hot water will loosen and free the drains of clogged materials. Simply boil or microwave some hot water and slowly pour it down the drain in two to three stages.

    Use these above mentioned techniques once or twice and if you still have the same persisting problem then calling in a skilled professional plumber will save you from future problems.